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Design-Build Design-Build

Since 2007, Picus Woodwrights has provided expert project consulting and management services to property owners in southern New England, with a special passion for the maintenance, restoration, and preservation of historic buildings in Rhode Island. Our design-build projects range in scope and purpose: from kitchen and master bath remodels, to whole house renovations, to large […]

Restoration & Preservation Restoration & Preservation

At Picus Woodwrights, we are devoted to protecting and honoring historic buildings and homes. We believe that preserving the unique and irreplaceable structures in our community is a noble and compelling cause, and strive to promote and support such stewardship. Whether your goal is to honor your home’s rare structure and history, correct its dated […]

Renovation Renovation

Whether the renovation project is a bathroom upgrade, cottage overhaul, or full-scale commercial makeover, our approach is the same: we work closely with our client to identify the project’s objectives and determine how to best accomplish them within the allotted budget. From that point forward, we diligently communicate our progress, aligning and reinforcing budget and […]

Project Profiles

As appeared in SoRI magazine.

Historic Charlestown Restoration

Historic Charlestown Restoration

RON COWIE After downsizing from 17 acres in Vermont, husband and wife duo found potential in a Charlestown historic home October 29, 2013 Andrea E. McHugh A few years after they retired, Bob Long and Hope Norman decided that the 17 acres they lived on in Vermont might be a lot to manage down the […]

At Home for the Summer

At Home for the Summer

A Bostonian family finds seasonal peace in their Jamestown Victorian Andrea E. McHugh Posted May 28, 2014 After a childhood growing up overseas, Megan Renaud fondly remembers her formative years spent in Jamestown. But it wasn’t until she grew up, married and settled in a Boston suburb with three daughters of her own that she […]

Historic Living in Narragansett

Historic Living in Narragansett

GRACE LENTINI A historical farmhouse is transformed into a modern home in Narragansett Andrea E. McHugh Posted January 27, 2014 “We’re long term Rhode Islanders,” declares Lynn McKinney. So when he and his husband Ron Margolin first started looking for homes in South County 16 years ago, they were sailing in familiar waters. Looking to […]

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So what’s with the name?

“A picus is a woodpecker. I think I liked the association with wood, as an inside joke, perhaps. Sometimes I feel like I’m repeatedly smashing my head into wood. Picus was also a minor Roman god strongly associated with agriculture and farming, but also with trees.

“As for ‘woodwrights,’ the suffix ‘–wright’ combines with other words in Old English to indicate one’s occupation – shipwright, wheelwright, playwright, woodwright, etc. I was drawn to the history of the word, particularly in that we see our work as part of a larger continuum that connects us back to the old master craftsmen and builders.

“I’m sure they smashed their heads into wood on occasion, as well.”

– Greg Bressler

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What our customers are saying...

Montgomery Ward Kit House

Picus Woodwrights has installed thresholds, doors, and outside showers at my home, a 1926 Montgomery Ward kit house; performed extensive lead mitigation at a rental property I own; and built the world’s best tree house for my kids.


- Montgomery Ward Kit House
Adam’s house

It seems like yesterday that I stood in front of my garage, trying to think of how I could convert it into a living space that would allow my son to have access to his home.


- Adam’s house
Providence Commercial

As an attorney who has worked with many contractors and subcontractors over my 20+ years practicing law, I can state without hesitation that your professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail are second to none.


- Providence Commercial