Since 2007, Picus Woodwrights has provided expert project consulting and management services to property owners in southern New England, with a special passion for the maintenance, restoration, and preservation of historic buildings in Rhode Island.

Our design-build projects range in scope and purpose: from kitchen and master bath remodels, to whole house renovations, to large additions and outbuildings for both residential and commercial clients. In each case, we help our clients envision practical solutions to the design challenges they are faced with, often with the help of an architect. The design-build approach puts design and construction professionals on the same team, working together to complete projects faster, more cost-effectively, and with fewer change orders.

Restoration & Preservation

At Picus Woodwrights, we are devoted to protecting and honoring historic buildings and homes. We believe that preserving the unique and irreplaceable structures in our community is a noble and compelling cause, and strive to promote and support such stewardship. Whether your goal is to honor your home’s rare structure and history, correct its dated alterations, or bring it up to environmental standards, Picus Woodwrights is ready to help.


Whether the renovation project is a bathroom upgrade, cottage overhaul, or full-scale commercial makeover, our approach is the same: we work closely with our client to identify the project’s objectives and determine how to best accomplish them within the allotted budget. From that point forward, we diligently communicate our progress, aligning and reinforcing budget and deadline expectations through the completion of the project.