Building evaluation

Whether you are restoring an antique barn or renovating a mid-century modern home, an understanding of a building’s current condition is the foundation of a successful project. Picus Woodwrights’ services include consulting with property owners to determine the existing condition of a building before any design, remodeling, or construction begins. When this information is incorporated into a renovation project, we know that we can bring both our experience in contracting as well as design to find the best possible solution to each project.

Budgeting and scheduling

We also understand that the practical realities of working on unique properties, whether they are historic or not, require a flexible, pragmatic approach to design, construction and budgeting. There is nothing wrong with putting Ikea cabinets or air conditioning in a colonial home as long as you don’t cut the summer beam to do so! We believe that one of the most effective ways to preserve historic homes and buildings is to keep them relevant today without sacrificing their character and integrity.

Many of our clients have second homes in Rhode Island that they use seasonally. It’s important for them to be able to enjoy their homes when they want to without looking at our smiling faces all summer/Christmas/URI graduation weekend/fill in the blank. We develop project schedules that work for our clients and ensure they can enjoy their homes when they want to.

Master planning, project development, and staging

While some of our projects don’t require phasing, many do. In such cases, we work with our clients to develop a master plan that may be completed in several visits over a period of time – sometimes years. This allows our clients to absorb the costs more comfortably and, most importantly, live in their homes when they want to. Picus Woodwrights encourages clients to take a long view of their home and we are happy to help. This approach allows us to outline work through multiple phases along a critical path from the start of the first project to the last door closing behind us. In this way, we avoid redundancies in cost and work while meeting the needs of our client.

Picus Woodwrights is happy to help coordinate or manage the review process through municipal or state regulatory agencies prior to a project’s approval and permitting. Additionally, we are frequently called upon to work on our client’s behalf with:

  • Historic District Committees
  • Coastal Resources Management Council
  • Building and zoning officials
  • Civil, structural or environmental engineering professionals
  • Grant writing organizations

Client protection

Our projects aren’t complete after final inspections or once a certificate of occupancy is in place. Every building is unique and our work often requires us to engage with and manage trade specialist sub-contractors. In each and every case, those contractors have been vetted, and we maintain proof of their liability and workers compensation insurance, professional registration, and licensing.

We have very close relationships with our subcontractors and in most cases we have worked with them for years. We know, trust and take full responsibility for the people we are bringing into our clients’ homes.

It is not uncommon for clients with second homes in Rhode Island to trust us with a set of keys and alarm codes, and to use us as a point of contact if they have any emergencies in their house.